In short; I am not really sure what bald and thin is or will be.  The name bald and thin came up when two middle aged guys, one bald and one thin were having a cup of coffee and discussing life.  As with many things in life the name is unimportant, the content is what matters.  So what will the content of baldandthin.com contain?

Food will most likely be the primary subject of this blog.  Cooking is a passion of mine; some would posture to say that it might even be an addiction.

Language and Linguistics has been become a fairly recent passion of mine.  Early in my college career I took a Koine Greek class and even though my degree is in Computer Science that class has and will remain my most memorable.  My goal is to begin with reigniting the fire for learning Biblical Greek and see where it goes from there.

Life Lessons will be another topic of discussion and given my friends list these will most likely be controversial.  Infact I am hoping for some controversy and discussion.  These posts will be meant to defend my moral compass and challenge yours.

Music has always been a passion of mine, from my early influences of the 80 hair bands to my more recent influences of Blues, Christian Rock and Folk.  Music will have it’s place.

So there you have it.