2003 Ford Ranger Overland Build


So after much deliberation the decision is to keep the good old Ford Ranger and use it for the build.   So now I get to start a build thread (The son and I are pretty excited about this) to keep track of the progress.  Would love for people to chime in and provide some ideas.

Step 1: Shocks; Suspension; Tires  Complete

2 Inch Leveling Kit
Tires: 275/75/16 Toyo Back Country Mud Terrain – Same tire as the Discovery SST Pro.
Shocks: RMX Extreme Monotube


Step 2: Storage

Leitner Design’s Active Cargo System


Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack


Step 3: Bumpers and Lighting

Some things I need to figure out are:
1. Additional Fuel: I am liking the rotopak’s but not sure if they are the right fit for my build, also given the fact that my truck only gets about 150 miles on the tank I may need extra capacity.
2. Winch and recovery gear
3. Water storage options.
4. Bed storage options.
5. RTT or Ground Tent






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