The Deafening Silence

As I walked to the edge amidst the smorgasbord of language and international gathering of people, I was stricken the deafening silence that was emoting from the depths of the Grand Canyon.  I had never been to Grand Canyon National Park and neither had my family, so given my wife’s Aunt and Uncle reside their we decided that for this years Family  Christmas present we visit the Arizona desert and as a bonus we would get a reprieve from blistering cold, icy, snowy, wet weather that has been abusing the Northwest.  One of our planned stops during this week was to visit the Grand Canyon.  A stop that all of us were particularly looking forward to since none of us had ever been to Grand Canyon National Park.  On top of that we are kind of National Park junkies.

I expected the grandeur of the Canyon to be incredible (awesome, marvelous, fascinating), even breathless; but, what I did not expect was the silence.  Nothing; no sound, not even a chirp from the soaring birds could be heard over the canopy of the Canyon.  It was like the immense size of the Canyon itself had swallowed all sound withing a few feet of the rim and extended that silence out over the abyss.  The only comparison I can think of would be to be standing at the shore of the Pacific Ocean with the crashing of the waves but those crashes have no sound.  Here I was standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon along with hundreds of other people all talking in their own native tongues and if I were to stand perpendicular to the rim I would hear the languages of the international community that was present in one ear and nothing in the other.  Nothing, not even a pen drop could be heard.

At first it was intimidating, then it was mind boggling but the longer I stood and stared out over this marvelous geological masterpiece the more I wanted the silence to envelop me.  I wanted to become a part of the picturesque scene that I was looking into.  It was relaxing, almost cleansing; even now as I look into the pictures that were captured during this trip I can recreate the sensation in my mind.

Unfortunately our trip to the Canyon was not instantaneous, mainly because we do not own a TARDIS (Time Machine for the non-Whovian).  Not a problem though and much to my surprise it allowed us to take a short trip on Route 66 which is quite cool given that as of late my son and I have become car junkies and my wife and I are suckers for nostalgia and history.  Our visit town memory lane (Historice Route 66) took us to the quaint little town of Williams where we had lunch at a Triple D (Diners, Drive ins and Dives) worthy joint called Goldie’s Route 66 Diner.  The service was great and the food was FANTASTIC.


I digress!

This is post is not about food, or Route 66; although I do want to drive the Route some day.  Maybe I will plan a Mini venture and write a post about it.  Instead this post is about the Greatness of the Grand Canyon and the only way I can think about expressing that is through pictures so here it goes.  First off, before you get to the pictures, I NEED TO POST A DISCLAIMER, you must know that these were all taken with an iPhone 6+ using the ProCam app.  It was my first time using the App and really my first time limiting my photography to an iPhone.  Yes I know it odd, some of you may even think sacrilegious to  not to utilize a fancy Mirrorless or DSLR or even a Medium Format camera to capture such beauty but a few years ago I sold all my camera’s in search of a simpler approach.  I also believe that the Camera does not create the Photographer.  So in response to a dear friends comment prior to us leaving, “Maybe visiting the Grand Canyon will inspire Brandon to take picture!”.  Here you go Jo, INSPIRATION EXCEEDED!

All photos were shot hand held.  The panoramas are multi shot photos that were later merged in post processing with Adobe Lightroom’s photo merge tool.


I also took a video panorama of each of the still panorama’s above: El Tovar, South Rim Trail, Yavapai Point, Grandview Point, Moran Point, Desert View Watchtower.







Even if we didn’t plan it months ahead I don’t thing their could of been a grander end to 2016 than our first trip as a family to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Until next time keep on living, learning and exploring!

P.S. For those of you who also mix a little NERD into your outdoor adventure I am happy to report that this is a family and Pokemon friendly National Park.  We did find a few new Pokemon at this stop.  Much to our surprise Arizona seems to be littered with Pikachu adorned with a Santa Hat.


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