Do What You Want To

019bd751cdd46695fb61478adf8fc63d9f2ce41ca5“Are there areas of your life you don’t want God to dwell in?  What could you change to invite Him in?”; this was the challenge question from my quiet time this morning.  The question was posed by the authors of the book “Connecting the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan“.   The title of the section was “Dwelling in the Wilderness” with selections from Leviticus 1-3, John 7:1-13 and Song of Solomon 6:1-5.

Honestly, I really didn’t think a lot about it, even in my journal I wrote something like this.  “Are there areas in my life that I don’t want God to dwell in?”  Written like I am trying to convince myself that I don’t have areas, LOCKED CLOSETS FULL OF SKELETONS.  I even went on with the charade by writing, “That is the question that I really don’t want to answer but needs answered more than anything”.  To say that if I write it as a question I won’t have to answer it.  Isn’t if funny how we attempt to rationalize ourselves out of the truth.  It is a good thing that God knows all of our tricks.

Fast forward 45 minutes, quiet time is over, the daily duties of life have begun.  I am now upstairs in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunches for the family.  Oh, and if you are curious, “Yes, the question was still unanswered in my journal.”  In fact, the journal is still sitting open to the page with the pen waiting ever so patiently for me to coax it to provide the answer to the authors question.  But I have long forgotten that situation.  I am now onto the day.  Finish breakfast and lunches then onto work.  Funny how conviction happens when we least expect it.  I think this is God’s sense of humor.  So here I am in the middle of putting sliced apples into a plastic baggy and I hear myself singing, “Do what you want to.”  Instantly I am hurled back into the moment.

There it was, or more to the point, there I was faced with the question again from my morning devotional.  Expect this time from a different perspective.  Real life often has a way of getting my attention.  Here I am singing a song that is posing a challenge for God to do what He wants to in my life yet I am not willing to answer the most important question of, “What areas in my life need God?  What do I need to change to allow God to dwell in those areas?”  So here I am, again, back in my chair.  First taking a moment to write to you, then taking a moment to write to me and to explore the areas in my life that need God’s presence.

If you are curious here is the song.  It is a fantastic song off of Vertical Church Bands new album Church Songs.


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