Sausage, Mushroom, Garlic Pizza Bread


Sausage and Mushroom Pizza Bread was a pizza hybrid created most likely out of a daze.  Just days after recovering from Pnuemonia I am sigtting in my favorite chair browsing pinterest.  Looking throgh my feed and I come across a photo of a cheesy garlic pizza bread.  For some reason this hit me. Most likely because my stomach was a little tired of being feed chicken broth and juice.  Well needless to say within minutes I had shoes on and keys in hand.  As I was walking out the door my lovely wife asked where I was going, I responded with, “The grocery store, I am feeling inspired”.  What comes next is the inspiration.

As I walked down the isles of the local Safeway I new I wanted to create a Cheesy bread with a ranch dressing base and I also knew a 5 year old needed to like it but it also needed to penetrate the pnuemonia infested household.  Sorry for the icky thought but life happens.  Anyway, first stop was to get the bread.  I settled for a fresh soughdough roll.  Next was to all the 5 year old into the mix, Sausage it was, breakfast style not itailian.  The last stop was the cheese isle.  Given the cheese lovers that we are, visiting the chees isle is always a delight.  I decided to add some Manchego and figured I would use Swiss and Cheddar from home.  See I have this unsubstantiate belief that anything that includes cheese should include 3 types of chese, fortunately I (we) usually have a stockpile in the cheese drawer.

So how is it made?


1. First cut the loaf of Sourdough in half then.  With this edition I only made half.

2. Butter the half you are going to use.  I prefer Tilamook unsalted butter at room temperature.

3. Add a generous amount of Ranch Dressing on top of butter

4. Dice 4 – 6 gloves of garlic and add to loaf

5. Cook sausage and to loaf.

6. Dice fresh basil and add to loaf

7. Grate 3 types of cheeses: For this creation I choose, Swiss, Tilamook Cheddar and Manchego.  I grated about 2 to 2.5 cups in total and added after the sausage.

Once all is put together it is time to cook.  The cooking cycle is done in two phases:

Phase 1: Cook at 350 for 20 minutes.

Phase 2: Up temperature to broil and cook for 2 minutes.

There you have it.  Once cooking is complete remove from oven and let rest for about 2 mintues before cutting into portions.


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