Lifetime of Wisdom

On July 21st I had the privilege of attending my Grandfathers ninetieth birthday party along with many other family and friends. I won’t attempt to catalog 90 years of life, nor take a stab a trying to put ninety years into a comprehensible blog, instead I will list a few highlights from a man who has lived a very complete and honorable life.

  • – A son.
  • – A brother.
  • – A World War II Veteran and shaper of the modern world.
  • – A Graduate of Oregon State University in Pharmacy.
  • – A Pharmacist.
  • – A Husband and father to four of the coolest yet diametrically opposed aunts one young man could ask for.
  • – A painter, a woodcarver, an artist.
  • – A teacher.
  • – A Philosopher.

I think I will leave you with this little story of what I feel sums up my Grandfather and I think the most inspiring thing about him. In May we were visiting my family at the beach and my mom said to me, “You will not believe what Grandpa just bought”. I responded, “What?”. Mom said, “A book on Calculus!”. I could not believe it, I responded by saying, “I think that is the coolest thing ever!”. This trip to the beach for his birthday I asked him about the book and his response was (with a sly grin), “The girls, (his daughters), had bought me a book on Suduku and about half way through it I realized I was bored so I went onto and bought me a Calculus book to brush up.” So not only is he “brushing up” on his Calculus he is navigating the web at 90. That to me is an inspiration.

And now onto some photo’s of the event –


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