Bikes and Hikes

Certain thing just get a parent excited. The first time their child rolls over. The first time they situs on their own. The first crawl. The first steps and in this case the first pedals. I really don’t know who was more excited that Trent was finally able to ride his big boy bike, him or I.

This bike has been sitting on our front porch for over 5 months just begging to be ridden, and Trent has been begging to ride it. But when you are a little tike you can’t make it go. Guess that is what you get when you were only 5lbs when you were born. Maybe some day he will grow I to his attitude. Anyway we had tried blocks on the pedals and that still didn’t work but today was not the case. Mark your calendars because December 15th 2011 Trent made his bike go. He still has his training wheels on but he is well on his way to riding completely unattended which I am really excited for.  You can see his initial ride here on youtube.

Anyway we took him out to Sunnyside park at Foster Lake in Sweet Home because it is not very busy this time of year and it has paved trails. We rode the bike for a while then went on a quick hike down the short side of the trail. It was a great morning with my three favorites.



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