Boys Weekend North

What do you get when you pair a father and son and a 14 hour round trip car ride with many stops.  You guessed it – an adventure worth remembering.  Last weekend Trent and I headed north to Ferndale Washington with Grandma and Grandpa Steadman to visit the Dave and Sarah Koehler clan and boy did we have fun.  I can honestly say I love spending time with my boy.  Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with Julie as well but there is something about being around him that inspires me.

The trip up was pretty nominal with great conversation with Grandma.  After a quick pit stop at the Mouse house in Vancouver for a great breakfast we were off and running well driving to be exact and just about 5 hours later we made it to Bellingham for the first order of business, the car swap.  Not quite sure how it worked nor do I want to understand – mainly to protect the innocent, but the outcome was good.  Grandma and Grandpa got a shinny new car and Trent and I got a shinny used car.  After the car swap we were off to dinner at Anthony’s fish house on the bay. We had the best Mac ‘n’ Cheese we had ever had.  Yes Mac ‘n’ Cheese from a fish house, it is what you eat when you are two.  This was not your normal boxed Mac ‘n’ Cheese by Kraft, it is certainly a gourmet dish for kids.  I (Brandon) had Clam Chowder and Pan Fried Oysters, very tasty while paired with a Scotchish Ale from the local brewery.  Oh yeah!  By the way if you ever order Pan Fried Oysters and have opportunity to get Mac ‘n’ Cheese with it, you must by pass the tarter or cocktail sauce and go straight to the cheese with the Oysters.  Pan Fried Oysters dipped in melting cheese.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

That was it for that day, we went back to our room to get some rest for Sunday.  Sunday we visited the Koehler abode as well as having two main goals for Saturday.  First was to visit the Garage and have Uncle Dave give Trent his first lesson on Harley’s.  Needless to say Trent loved the Harley until it started up.  After the explosion from the engine came the explosion of tears from the Trent.  I was a little scared when it started too.  It is amazing how loud a Harley is outside let alone inside a sealed garage.  No harm done though, I don’t think Trent will be scared from the experience to long.  And with a quick about face was my turn drool.  Standing before was a bright yellow Transformers Edition Camaro otherwise known as Bumble Bee.  Librarians get all the perks!  Later that evening Bumble Bee and I had a little fun (just a little) and it was AWESOME!  Our second goal for Saturday was to visit the Library, because that is what we do in this family.  For a small town it is probably one of the nicest library I have ever seen and of course we checked out some books to read later.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy, Trent took a nap and Dave and I went and played golf.  I think this game was the first time I had played in over a year and what do you know.  Needless to say golf is not like riding a bike, it is not that easy to pick up after a long break.  Fun time though and I did get one par without a mulligan (I had run out of those).

Sunday was the trip home with two rest stops planned.  The first was to stop and see Aunt Tiffany and cousin Kelsey and Ashley.  We had a great time during our much to short of a visit.  The second stop was at the Mouse house for dinner then homeward.

A great weekend and a great time.   I think we may make this Dad’s weekend a yearly occurrence.  Mom needs her time alone as well to recharge.


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