Harvey + Armstrong Adventure 2011

Tonight is the last night by the camp fire for this time.  We are wrapping up an impromptu trip to Montana to visit Paul, Karla, Jason and Erik that included camping at Placid Lake and Glacier National Park.  I say impromptu because originally this trip was suppose to be at Tillicum Beach just south of Yachats OR but due to fate Julie, Trent and I traversed the passes and went to Montana.  Due to shear luck, some people would say misfortune, but history has taught us to roll with the punches, we were able to spend 2 days in Glacier National Park at Apgar camp ground.  What an amazing place.  We were camping at Placid lake in Montana but we were unable to secure our sites for the full four days so we parted company with Paul’s parents and headed Northeast to Kalispell and Glacier National Park.  Yep you know it – the middle of summer and we are heading to the heart of the National Park in hope that they may still have a walk on camp spot.  What do you know they did and not just a single camp spot it was a group site.  Yes the ones that large groups of 30 plus use.

Camping was wonderful for us and Trent had a blast.  It was a lot of fun seeing him absorb all the things he normally wouldn’t in normal daily life of living with two busy parents.  He deepened his friendship with Jason and Eric who were wonderful with him and as always a pleasure to be around.  We also were able to spend time with Boner and Karen, Paul’s parents, who where gracious hosts to us at Placid lake.  We shared a campground with Paul and Karla and they setup the camper in the Handicap spot.  It was truly a great time.

Karen took Trent on his first boat ride.  Jason would argue he took him since he drove most of the way.  For all practical purposes, Trent really didn’t want want to go but he finally agreed after Mommy promised that Daddy would go too.  Amazingly thought once he was on the water he was fascinated by the boat and what he could see while on it.  He never did learn to like the paddle boat, maybe next time.

As for Glacier, I am not sure if I have ever been there and Julie doesn’t think she has either so it was sort of a trip of firsts.  It was our first camping trip since Trent was born and it was Trent’s first camping trip.  It was our first camping trip in Montana.  It was our first time camping with Paul, Karla, Jason and Erik.  It was also our first time to Glacier National Park and Placid Lake.

Glacier is such and amazing place.  We went on “The Road To The Sun”.  I will have to look up what exactly The Road To The Sun is later but it was breath taking and there was still snow at the top in the middle of Julie but we were at the top of the Continental Divide around an elevation of 9,000 ft.  We were lucky because apparently the road had just opened the Wednesday before.  I am not sure when the road normally opens but it was late this year due to the off season weather we have been having this year.

I think that this may be a start to a new era for Julie and I we are already talking about other trips that we might take.  I think we will try one more trip this summer to Gordon Lakes.  We would come in on the road and hike the 1/4 mile in.  Maybe even Jo would be able to come with us.  That is for a future date to plan and do, just need to make it happen.  Tomorrow we head home, not until late.  We will most likely spend the morning around the camp site here at Apgar, then head over to the village to look around at the shops then some time in the late afternoon/evening head towards St. Regis and then catch the road home.

For full res photos on the flickr photo stream click here otherwise enjoy this slide show.

It was a great trip with great friends and we can’t wait until next years adventure.


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