Nice and Easy

No Turtles or Cocks this time just a nice leisurely run around the campus district.
Nice and easy today although it didn’t start that way.  I really had to reel back on this one, my legs just wanted to move.  I looked down at my phone while I was climbing the hill (the only one on this route) and it said 7:20 – 7:30 pace.  My target for this run was between 8:30 – 8:45.  I did get into a groove at a slower pace and still not sure why my legs wanted to move so fast normally that doesn’t happen to me especially after a ride like I did last night.  Anyway I never hit the target range maybe if I would of walked some of the hill I could of brought it back down.
I can only hope I don’t bomb out on tomorrows long trail run with the group.  I am teaching a trail running seminar for the local gym and the running club is going to be involved also.  Should be fun.  I am starting at 5:30 AM to mark two different courses, one is 3 miles and the other is 5 then I may run the route again to double check.  which would put at about 16 if my calculations are correct on the maps that I have been using.  I am not sure if I will run with the group or not.  I know this route and the 5 mile loop has about 1000 feet of climbing.  They are in for a treat!


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