Trails, Road, More Trails

Today started an hour after I hoped but it didn’t impact my performance on the trails, in fact it may have helped.  I wanted to be up at sunrise and on the trails by 6:00 am but a sick baby and a tired daddy meant I slept 30 minutes longer.  I did hit the trails by seven and was off by 9:15.
My goal was to keep the pace right at 10 minute miles which I haven’t been able to do on this trail for a couple of years and go for somewhere between 12-16 miles.  The distance all depended on two factors; one how I felt and, second my pace.  I needed to be home by 10 so we could start the yard work.  Planning on pressure washing the house today or at least part of it.  This trail is a pretty technical trails will many short switchbacks and a continue set of undulating hills.  The only flat parts of the run we the sections where I had to piece together various trails sections with some road segments.  Unfortunately the Foster lake trails are not connected yet and I also added a bit where I left the lake and went up to the camp ground and added that 1 mile loop.  While on the road segments I tried to keep a fairly steady pace.  I am guessing that I was averaging at least 7:30-8:00 while off trail and 9:30-10:30 while on the trail.
I wore my new Rogue Racers by Montrail which were awesome.  They performed flawlessly.  I was a little hesitant to wear them today but the excitement of new shoes just overcame sensibility.  In the end these I think could become an all time favorite trail shoe.  They fit and ride more like the Montrail of yesterday, and very much like their Hurricane Ridge’s except 4.5 oz lighter.  The Hurricane Ridge’s were a pretty hefty shoe at 12.5 oz but these racers are only 8 oz but still had superior protection.  They also have a lower heel toe drop so they favor more natural running mechanics.
One of the best parts of the day was that I think I found the app of all apps, Motion GPS.  This magnificent piece works amazing.  It not only tracks everything I wanted like pace, distance, elevation, time but it gives it to me in a format that I can use on Garmin Connect or anywhere that will accept a GPX or KMZ file.  It allows you to connect to twitter or Facebook directly from the app as well as send the data files to multiple email addresses.  I used the email and once I got back to my computer I uploaded the GPX file to Garmin Connect and presto it looks very similar to the Garmin data file, in fact it is the same format.  I also took the KMZ file and uploaded it to Google Earth and now I can edit the rout if I want and load in new data points and tanager it back to the app.  For $2.99 it was well worth it.  I am not going to replace my Garmin with it but it is nice to know that there is and app out there that works in the same manner and uses the same standards.

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