Do I have a 50

So I have this question lurking in my mind, “Do I have a 50 miler in me?”  I have this dream, actually and unrealized goal to get into the Ultra distances.  I really want to do the longer than 50 mile distances and eventually do a 100 miler.  Sunday, 6/20/2011 I completed the Vancouver USA Marathon without really training for it in 3:33:15.  I have been doing a lot of bike riding but not really any significant running.  So now the question is do I attempt a 50 this year or wait for next?  Do I stick with the original schedule of doing 2 50k this year then 50 miler 100k next year and the 100 miler the following?  Maybe maybe not.  There is a flat 50 miler at the end of October that I have my eye on and the entrant fee is not that high.  I could do that then take a couple of down months to get refreshed for next years season.


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