Off and Pedaling

So the pedaling season has begun and my quest to raise $1000 for Multiple Sclerosis (honestly I do this just so I would learn to spell Sclerosis). It is working. The goals this year are to –

  • Raise $1000 for the MS society.
  • Ride an average of 200 miles a month until the event.  This is on top of the 35 – 50 miles a week I run.
  • Spend as much time with Trent on these riding and running adventures.
  • Complete the 100 mile Saturday and 53 mile Sunday ride on August 6th and 7th.

All of my training will be logged through and this Google Spreadsheet will act as the plan to get there.

So far I have logged 265 miles in January and 213 mile in February including a great ride on the Oregon Coast that resulted in 2 flat tires.  To donate to the cause visit my Bike MS Participant page here.  The goal for March is 260 miles with at least half of those towing Trent in his trailer and $150 dollar raised.


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