Fathers and Sons

I am beginning to learn that the bond between Fathers and Sons is different between Mothers and Sons.  Take for instance this past Sunday afternoon, it was a normal fall Sunday in the Pacific Northwest, most people would call it dreary, wet miserable and possibly stay inside for the day.  Possibly cuddle up with a good book on the couch under a blanket with a nice cup of Jo or hot chocolate.  Well I have to say, that is not what this Father did with his son on that rainy Sunday afternoon.

We decided to hit the pavement and see how the Burley did in the rain, of course we got Mom’s permission first!

The details of the ride can be found here.  We basically went 17 miles in 1:20:15, not my fastest ride but defenately one of the funnest and the best of all I was able to spend the time with Trent.  Well he did sleep for part of it.

The result of the ride can be found in the pictures, a satisfied baby boy and big boy.

And now Trent is looking into training of his own.  This evening, it is now Wednesday as I write this up I found him thumbing through one of my Cycling books.  Maybe we have an athlete on our hands.  Could be worse!


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