Do What You Were Meant To Do – Matthew 25:14-30

Matthew 25:14-30

“The Parable of the Talents”


If you do not get anything else from this lesson, get this.  “The more we are trusted the more we are entrusted with.”

  1. To trust something to someone means that we have faith that they will take care of that item like it was their own.
  2. To entrust something to someone means that we have given up our rights to that item and given all authority to the one to whom we have entrusted.

The better part of my adult life has been spent serving in some way shape or form in the US Navy.  For 8 years I was active duty and for the past 5 years I have been in the reserves.  During that time I seen many people come and go, many different personality types, many different cultures and many different genres.  Many of those people become great leaders.  Many people become great followers and many just become men.

See the active ranks of the military do not always start with people of integrity at least they do not appear to be on the outside.  The military used to be where you went just before you applied at McDonald’s even sometimes afterward.  We used to get the high school drop outs.  We used to get the drug addicts.  Even in today’s Navy we still do.  I was one of those people.  During high school I was not the stellar young man I have become today, just kidding.  Really, during my high school years I was probably as far from Christ as one could get.  I would go to parties and try my hardest to do the opposite of what people in leadership positions would want me to do.  I think I had somewhere around 60 absences my senior year and really no place to go.  The only reason I am sitting before you today is the fact that some Navy recruiter made an effort; he decided to take a chance on some young man.  Yes he also had to make a quota but I believe my case was a little different.  I was not supposed to graduate but was instead suppose to go to summer school.  He sat down with the Principle of the school and my Mother and worked out a plan that if I completed the remainder of my courses that I would graduate.  He told them that if you graduate him, I will change him.  I will let you decide if he lied or not to the principle and my mother.

So what does all this have to do with trust and the statement, “The more we are trusted the more we are entrusted with?” Well I truly believe that for the most part people give back what they are given.  Not until someone takes a genuine leap of faith for them will they take a genuine leap of faith for you.  Because of the trust the Navy recruited gave to me I was able to begin transforming my life for the purposes of Christ.

PASSAGE OVERVIEW – Matthew 25:14-30

  1. Here Jesus is considered to be the Master and the servants are his followers.
  2. Talents are weights of measure – One Talent is equal to 85 to 95 lbs.
  3. Jesus trusted each servant according to His ability.

I. We are all trusted, to do good work according to our own ability – 25:15:

  1. One of our greatest failures as Christians is that we try to do what we are not meant to do – Each person is called to serve a particular purpose in the Church, in the body of Christ.  1 Corinthians 12:27-31, Romans 12:3-6.
  2. God knows our abilities better than we do.  Just look at the servants in this parable
    • One of them received 5 talents
    • One of them received 2 talents
    • One of them received 1 talents

All that we know of these people is that they work for some master we do not know there skill level but the master does.  Why do you think he gave the first one five talents instead of the third one.  He knew that he had a greater ability.  Possibly some time before he had done good work.  Maybe the last time he handed out tasks he was the one who received two talents.

II. It is not that we have the trust but what we do with that trust – 25:16-17:

  1. Once we are entrusted with the talent we must put it to work.
  2. The fault of the third servant was not that he buried the talent.  It was that he did not believe that God trusted him enough.  It is probably true that the third servant was new to the trade and the master was using this as a test.  Obviously he had the talent to double the one but it was the fact that he did not use his talent.  He was selfish and prideful in the task.

III. With faithful service we will be given more – 19-30:

  1. As we grow with Christ we are entrusted to more responsibility.
  2. The more we are trusted the more we are entrusted with.”
  3. Eventually we are put in charge of things Matthew 25:21

When we make a decision for Christ we have trusted our lives to Him.  We have given up control of our lives and let go to his authority.  He then entrusts it back to us.  See our lives are not our own after that decision but they are His.  I have made a decision to live by his authority.  “The more we are trusted the more we are entrusted with.”


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