People Helping People – Church @ Work 2010

Our church, Community Chapel, has started a tradition and a very good one I might add.  Since 2009, o.k. this is only our second year, we have moved our church SERVICE out to the community.  Last year we (Julie and I) were not able to attend, possibly due in some part to having a new baby, but this year we, the Harvey’s, were out in force.  That is right all three of us participated.

Our project was to help a single mom in our community with a few chores around the house/yard.  Under the supervision of our trusty leader Jeff Parker we replaced a window, and did a number on the back yard.  As I say, anything for an excuse to play with power tools.

It is amazing what you learn about yourself and others when you work side by side for the greater good.  Maybe that is the purpose behind Acts 2:42 – 48.

If you would like to see all the work that the church did you can watch the following video.


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