Dahlia’s, Dahlia’s, Dahlia’s

Well as you know, or maybe you don’t, I have a love for gardening, something I can thank my mother for.  It is a joy, a release, and a pleasure to be able to grow something from the ground up.  Be it either a root, a tuber, a bulb or a seed.  I like to grow anything (that is legal) and the best part about gardening is you are authorized to get muddy.

One of my favorite flowers is the Dahlia, there are numerous varieties and one of the fortunate things about living in the Northwest is that we have one of the premier growers right in our back yard, Swan Island Dahlia’s located in Canby, Or.  Every year on the last weekend of August and first weekend of September they hold their annual Dahlia festival.

This year was Trent’s first year to go.  We made the trek up the day after Trent’s 1st Birthday extravaganza.  It was a beautiful day spent with Shirley and Wally and my two favorite people, that would be Julie and Trent.


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